Tournament Schedule

Upcoming Tennis Tournaments

Here is a list of my planned tournaments for the start of 2018. More are being added all the time.

For full details of tournaments go to the LTA website at or just message me and I’ll get back to you.

I have now qualified to run Grade 4 events and am planning to add them to the schedule in 2018 with the first now approved for 9-11 April at Heaton Tennis Club from.

I am currently talking to my venues and the LTA about the Summer programme so watch this space.

Sometimes my tournaments are oversubscribed. When this happens I have to follow LTA rules when highest ranking players gain entry first regardless of when they applied as long as it is before the deadline. I am allowed to have a limited number of wildcard entries but the priority for these goes to home club members. If a type of tournament is popular then I try to add more in that category. As a tournament player myself I understand how disappointing it can be to not get in so I do my best to get everyone playing. If you are having problems get in touch and I may be able to help.

Tournament categories are as follows and are shown next to each event to show which categories there are at that event.

OMS – Open Men’s Singles / OMD – Open Men’s Doubles / OWS – Open Women’s Singles / OWD – Open Womens Doubles / 18UGS – Girls 18 and Under Singles  /  16UGS – Girls 16 and Under Singles / 12UGS – Girls 12 and Under Singles / 18UBS – Boys 18 and Under Singles  / 16UBS – 16 and Under Boys Singles / 14UBS 14 and Under Boys Singles / 12UBS – Boys 12 and Under Singles / 10UMS – 10 and Under Mixed Singles  / 9UMS – 9 and Under Mixed Singles / 8UMS – 8 and Under Mixed Singles

Saturday 20 January

David Lloyd Leeds Indoor

Grade 5

LTA Code YOR17W6067 OMS / 14UGS / 18UGS / 14UBS / 18UBS

Sunday 21 January

Chapel Allerton Tennis Club

Grade 5

LTA Code YOR17W6219 OMS / OWS / 14UBS

Saturday 27 January

David Lloyd Leeds Indoor

Grade 5

LTA Code YOR17W6068 OMS / OWS / 12UBS / 14UBS / 18UBS

Sunday 28 January

Heaton Tennis Club Bradford Indoor

Grade 5

LTA Code YOR17W6223 OMS

Saturday 10 March

David Lloyd Leeds Indoor

Grade 6

LTA Code YOR17W6229 OMS / 12UBS / 14UBS

Saturday 17 March

Chapel Allerton Tennis Club Leeds

Grade 5

LTA Code YOR17W6224 OMS / OWS / 12UBS / 14UBS / 14UGS / 16UGS

Sunday 18 March

David Lloyd Leeds Indoor

Grade 5

LTA Code YOR17W6225 8UMS / 9UMS

Friday 23 March

Thorner Tennis Club Leeds Floodlights

Grade 6

LTA Code YOR17W6231 OMS

Saturday 24 March

Starbeck Tennis Club Harrogate

Grade 5

LTA Code YOR17W6228 OMS / 14UGS

Sunday 25 March

Harrogate Spa Tennis Club

Grade 5

LTA Code YOR17W6226 OMS / OWS / 12UBS / 12UGS

Friday 30 March

Rawdon Tennis Club Leeds Floodlights

Grade 5

LTA Code YOR17W6230 OMS

Saturday 31 March

Harlow Tennis Club Harrogate

Grade 5

LTA Code YOR17W6227 OMS / 16UBS

Monday Tuesday Wednesday 9-11 April

Heaton Tennis Club Bradford

Grade 4

LTA Code YOR17W6231 OMS / OWS / 8UMS / 9UMS / 10UMS / 12UBS / 12UGS / 14UBS / 14UGS / 16UBS / 16UGS / 18UBS / 18UGS

Schedule of dates to follow.